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Pandora’s Box

For some, meeting one’s mistress is a great moment, marked with rituals, with masturbatory fantasies.

For you, I open my chest with a thousand marvels, my Pandora’s box to stimulate your erotic creativity and to imagine millions of possibilities for our session.

And for those whose coquetry would also urge them to offer a small delicacy, a big treat or a royal feast, you will be certain to arouse my good graces.

Appointment in the Dungeon 


After a phone conversation or by e-mail, if your presentation suits me, we shall meet in my dungeon located in the center of Paris.


Beforehand, it's better to send me a list of the possiblities which will allow me to know the depths of your intimacy.

Role play 


Do you want to fully experience powerful immersive sensations that plunge you into quite a different world?

Be the masked thing
of my nights!


I roam the crazy Parisian nights and elsewhere, in France or abroad, in places where the conviviality, the aesthetics or the initiative deserve to be backed. Accompany me, be my date, I shall be your guide, you will be my thing! You will wear a hood to guarantee your anonymity and thus calmly enjoy the wildest nights.



Training techniques and creative sexuality 


Want to learn BDSM techniques, exploring new areas of creative sexuality?

I will reveal some of my secrets that I’ve developed and only share sparingly.


Témoignage de V

Bed and dungeon ... 


NEW ! 

I’ve locked you into my dungeon… It may be for night, a weekend, or one week! However, you must deserve it.  A first session is imperative before envisaging a long stay.

Long distance 


Educational program

We’ve seen each other several times? The bonds we’ve created allow the relationship to progress towards an educational program, a column about your submission displayed in Annals.


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