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Become the object of your fantasies
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I have a wonderful new huge playroom now. If you were in "le Terrier" in Bastille, it's bigger (100M2), not directly in Paris, but just around. 

I call my new place "Le Trois-Mâts", it's a kind of amazing cruising boat. 

Hope to see you soon

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aXelle de Sade

In this dance that I invite you to enter, a sensual, intimate and alchemical dance, I shall take up your body and your spirit and shall subject you totally to my rites and spells.


With me and by me, you will happily abandon your artifices, those old social clothes, so that your skin is bare, so that your body offers itself without restraint, giving itself totally. Your body will not only ask to open a little more into what will penetrate it, to what can drive it into unknown places, by revealing its deeply hidden and still unsatiated desires…


Pandora box

For some, meeting one’s mistress is a great moment, marked with rituals, with masturbatory fantasies.

For you, I open my chest with a thousand marvels, my Pandora’s box to stimulate your erotic creativity and to imagine millions of possibilities for our session.

And for those whose coquetry would also urge them to offer a small delicacy, a big treat or a royal feast, you will be certain to arouse my good graces.


Want to  make a good impression, to stand out, be noticed?

Click on these links to choose a present for me, especially if you have been fined.


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